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Woodstead: cabin build

Woodstead: cabin build


This page is about an earth bermed cabin I built in 2015. I’ve now lived in it for a year :)

Hope you enjoy the read. This was my first post and beam framing project. Some of my methods have changed and improved since.

Jog to the end to see the references and a few more details.


How long did it take

Collecting materials and brainstorming the design took about a month. I think from putting the first post in to having a door installed was about 3 weeks. That’s about when I started sleeping in it. Although, it is an ongoing project. I didn’t have heat, a floor, or electricity for the first several months.

How much did it cost

Including lumber, fasteners, windows, door, and woodstove I was under $500. Ive spent a bit more over the year touching things up and adding s


Mike Oehler’s $50 and up underground house book

Paul Wheaton’s Wofati design